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Looking for an IT job? Apply like a pro!

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What awaits you

We have compiled detailed but equally compact information for you on all aspects of the job interview. You will find the following chapters in this guide:

  • Where can I find the right job?
  • How can I apply?
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Resume
  • The letter of motivation
  • The cover letter
  • Form of the documents
  • Appointment
  • What if no one contacts me?
  • Preparing for the interview
  • What do I want to earn?
  • The job interview
  • The Assessment Centre
  • BONUS: Interview with Osman Gümüs

In the second part, Osman Gümüs tells you what he expects or doesn’t expect from applicants during a job interview. In contrast to the first, more general part, this interview refers specifically to the IT sector.

And now have fun in the exciting world of IT

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