Welcome to POLYGONS

After 20 successful years at OGS, we have decided to give the company a new name. A name that stands for all our employees, our competences and for the projects that we implement together for our customers.

versatile as our solutions

Polygons have many sides and can take on many different forms. Thus, polygons are an ideal reflection of what we do for our clients. Individual project teams work on customised solutions with a high degree of agility and creativity. These are the best prerequisites for a software company, in addition to the fun we have in our daily work.

Who we are

In recent years, we have grown into a software house with experience in electronics, prototyping and device construction.

But who better to describe POLYGONS than the Polygons themselves. Read how our team describes us and get an idea of who we are.

What we do

Technically speaking, we are a software house and develop individual and customised state-of-the-art software solutions for almost any requirement.

In any case, we solve our customers’ challenges as if they were our own and do so with passion.

Software development

Individual solutions for individual customers
We develop individual software solutions and optimise and expand your existing software: exactly as required and always with a clear view of your benefits! The results of our work are high-quality and future-proof IT solutions that fit perfectly into your company.

Quality assurance and test automation

We take responsibility
We test for our customers and are also happy to take on complete test projects: from the test strategy to the acceptance report. In addition, we assist our clients in implementing agile testing practices and scaling their existing testing organisations.

IoT & AI

The future is our present
The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are arguably the most emerging trends in the IT industry. It is no longer just the technology of the future. We are already using IoT and AI when our clients' projects and our own require it.

How we do this

It is not only the curiosity in the projects themselves, our curiosity for new technologies is the driver for a quick and modern implementation of your projects.

Knowledge always has an expiry date in IT. The versatility, or let’s call it diversity, of POLYGONS represents a good mix of years of experience and the current state of knowledge. We continuously evaluate and test new developments and prepare them for practical use.

Based on a strong product vision, we quickly start implementation together with our clients. We create demonstrable solutions early in the project and use them for ongoing customer feedback and quality control.

Experience shows: This leads to the best result quickly and efficiently.

Who are we doing this for?

All clients who have the ambition to create innovative projects or improve existing processes are welcome to join us.

You can recognise customer satisfaction by the fact that your own team grows with every new customer.

The long-standing customer relationships we maintain are based on a few simple principles:

We make our clients' problems our own.

We accompany clients in the project from the beginning and beyond the end.

We use not only our own knowledge, but also that of our clients in close cooperation.

We value short communication channels and even shorter response times.

We don't leave our customers out in the cold - ask us about this story when you get the chance.

Why we do this

There are probably many good reasons for this. In summary, you could say that we like to be creative, love challenges and enjoy working with people and machines.