IoT & AI
shaping the

We are passionate about tackling the complexity of IoT systems. With extensive technology expertise and specialised know-how in IoT, we develop customised solutions to realise a seamless and efficient overall system. Our focus is on software solutions, while understanding and taking responsibility for all components of the system. Let us drive your next IoT project together.

Shaping the future
with IoT and AI

We are convinced that the future of companies is inextricably linked to IoT and AI. As a company in the field of IoT and AI, we want to actively participate in shaping this future and develop innovative solutions. Our vision is to fully exploit the potential of these technologies and help companies increase their efficiency, gain new insights and strengthen their competitiveness. We are driven by the conviction that IoT and AI offer groundbreaking opportunities to transform the way we live, work and interact.

technology expertise

Our expertise spans the entire technology stack, from IoT protocols and back-end development to front-end technologies and mobile apps. We have specialised knowledge in IoT, especially in terms of scaling, security and performance. As your partner, we understand all components of the system and can cover all aspects from microcontrollers to comprehensive software solutions. Our clear responsibilities allow us to focus on software development and thus efficiently and specifically add value to your IoT project.

Scalable, secure
and high-performance
backend solutions

Our offering includes the development of customised IoT backend solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With our extensive expertise and successful projects as references, we can help you develop a robust overall system. Our focus is on high-quality software solutions, while we work closely with partners to seamlessly integrate the hardware and embedded system components into your IoT ecosystem. If you are looking for a specialised partner to help you develop an efficient and powerful overall IoT system with a strong backend, we should definitely exchange ideas.